Our Services

Doing what we love the most

Before we decide to form a technical team we were trying to find something that can offer us a salary but on the same timme satisfaction. We tried a lot of things but it turns out that what could help us the most is what we loved the most, Technology!

Our Services

Trying our best

After deciding what could be the best job for us, we took a vow with our selves. We said that whatever happens we will try our best, be happy and share this happiness with the people arround us

Our Services

Honor is gold

We thought, “This idea is good but the competition is huge!” However you have to try your best. You have to work with honor and honesty. Only then people will admire you r job

Our Services

Enjoy the ride

Each job has its difficulties, however you have to enjoy the ride. We decided to focus on the good things and try to give them more value by taking advantage of them. On the same time we hope that our clients will enjoy the ride too!


TechUnow – What is the meaning of this name?

TechUnow can be devided in three parts TECH – U – NOW

We will go backwards on this! 

This name was inspired by our own needs. Before learning how to repair our devices we were like all people who are desperately looking for someone who could provide their services as soon as possible or right NOW.

YoU are the source of resources and issues that we will use as a fuel to continue our journey. So we understand that you are as important to us, as we are to yoU

TECHnology is the reason our company exists but also the reason that you need us! But besides the funny side of this indeed people with knowledge and situation awareness are very important. 


The reason that we wanted to give life to this idea is because we want to do something we love and offer people a good service. As long as TECHnology and yoU exist we will provide our services NOW!


TechUnow is a team of people who joined their dreams. Some of them are into technology and their mind is full of gears and sparkles while others have the ability to synthesize.